The IPTA project

"IPTA" stands for "Improve Precision, trueness and accuracy" in analyzing of solid fuel. Figure 1 illustrates the aim of the IPTA project: Precise and accurate results!



IPTA Reference Material, Full value coals of different coalification areas

The DCC GmbH offers four full value coals from different coalification areas with reference material specifications (hard coal, 50 g, <3 mm, air-dried). The total sample should be (eg in the disc mill) analysis prepared fine.

The IPTA samples have many advantages:

- From these coals reference material can be created with "desired levels" of concentration for individual parameters.
- It is also possible to perform "unphoneable" round robin tests.
- Proficiency test "on demand" certificate after target/actual comparison of individual blend samples.
- Implementation of proficiency testing program with an individual evaluation.